02 August, 2011

Part II: Thank you for offering MY opinion

...So now you're thinking that someone could be lying through their teeth, not giving their true opinion. Perhaps they are doing this for shock value, as an attention grabber, or simply to be annoying. I theorize that some people are annoying simply to raise the stress level of those around them, to cause them serious health problems. If the annoyer causes the annoyee to have a heart attack then they can become a hero by dragging the victim's sorry ass out to their car, popping the hood and bringing them back to life with jumper cables. (You can call this a poor man's version of those paddles they use in a hospital...but I think it actually works better.).

I used the jumper cable method in a roadside intervention on a homeless man who was struck down by a soccer-mom driven SUV. When I yelled at her to call 911, she replied that she would soon, but had to hurry because she was already late for a game. Oh well, of course that makes perfectly good sense.

Guess I'll continue to believe those who seem sincere in offering their opinion. To those who aren't being honest, I hope and pray that tissue-consuming insects will crawl up their noses while they are sleeping and begin eating their bodies from the inside out. (Kind of gives new meaning to “eat your heart out”.).

Anyhow, I believe that people should have the right to express their opinion without receiving crap from a bunch of lame brains who disagree. You remember rights, right?

~PITTSBURGH starts with PITT!~

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