07 August, 2010

Judging from your experience ...

Having already learned that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court does not have to have any Supreme Court experience, as witnessed with the appointment of Justice John Roberts, now we find out with the appointment of Justice Kagan that you don't have to have any experience at all as a judge to become a member of the highest court in the land!

What's next? Surgeons who have never performed surgery? Hmm ... perhaps cutting a bagel in half, or dicing up an onion or tomato qualifies one for that profession.

Flashback to the eighties. My good friend Bob and I are working all day trying to fix the brakes on his old Datsun. (The Datsun begat the Nissan.). The first Farm Aid concert was on TV, and we would take an occasional break to watch a little of it. Since neither of us had any real experience as mechanics, making the repairs should have been a snap, eh? Why not, if lack of experience is good enough for the highest court in the land? But what actually happened was we gave up after six hours of frustration and called Artie, a real mechanic at the local Texaco. (That case of beer we drank probably didn't enhance our efforts.).

Wouldn't the founding fathers of this country be spinning in their graves if they could see how things are done today! Oh yeah, it's a stretch to say that things actually get done today. Unless you count forming committees, to pass bills, to spend money we don't have, on programs we don't need as accomplishments. Who can straighten out this mess?

Hey, maybe it's time to call Artie!

~PITTSBURGH starts with PITT!~

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