18 April, 2010

Kirstie's Big...Mistake?

Remember Kirstie Alley from the Cheers sitcom? Well, flash forward to Kirstie's Big Life, which we are watching right now on the A&E network. What a shocking difference! Makes one appreciate good sitcom scriptwriting. This latest Kirstie Alley offering is in trouble from the get go, as it is built on that whole "reality show" concept. I'd say few of these so-called reality programs are able to offer excitement exceeding that of watching mildew form...or pipes rust.

Why we are watching this show is a rather long story. It involves a very deficient satellite TV system at Blue Knob Resort and the ravages of Mother Nature―no, nothing as dramatic as the volcanoes that are currently erupting in Iceland and causing havoc with air travel all over Europe. If the Iceland experience is a mountain, then this natural event is a speed bump by comparison. The sad truth is that even a small thunderstorm causes this satellite system to go out. Unfortunately, a follow-up storm never gets it working again. Wouldn't that be slick?

So anyhow, due to the severely limited choice of programming currently available here we are watching Kirstie's Big Life. It's been an interesting week. We started out receiving the regular broadcast networks―Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS― which we lost, then they were restored...but gone again in less than 24 hours. And most of the cable channels are showing fuzzy reception, if coming in at all.

I have always liked Kirstie Alley, the actress. However, this show is nothing short of painful. I guess if your life is so terrible that you never have an occasion to laugh, then this might be good therapy. I'm not seeing laugh out loud material, but at least it might generate a few chuckles.

Hey, all is not lost. We're broadening our horizons. Yesterday we watched a very interesting show on the Discovery Channel about the struggle to move an oil drilling rig which was in the path of a rogue iceberg. And homeowners in this vicinity have assured us that their home satellite systems here on the mountain are quite reliable, so when we have our own place maybe we'll get a dish, even though all we've ever had is an antenna.

Ah yes, change can be good, right? So c'mon Kirstie, isn't it time to move on? Better yet, move back...to what you're good at.

~PITTSBURGH starts with PITT!~

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