17 January, 2010

Does God ever have a bad day?

It's hard to get your head around events as horrendously tragic as the recent earthquake in Haiti or the tsunami that hit southeast Asia a few years ago. What gets me is you never hear anyone say, "Wow, look what God did this time. What was he thinking?"

I don't understand the need for pain and suffering of such magnitude, as caused by a natural event. I understand man-induced tragedies, such as wars, and flying planes loaded with jet fuel into skyscrapers. Man, after all, is basically evil, or so it seems. If we can rise above this innate creepiness we've inherited, we've really done something special with our lives. And, fortunately, many people do, so the world, in spite of its warts, is a pretty good place to hang out.

Maybe God was off creating a new universe when Haiti got creamed. Former President, Bubba "What do I have to do to get people to forget that fat intern?" Clinton, who is some kind of special envoy to Haiti, said that Haiti was really starting to show some progress. Of course if Clinton told me today is Sunday, I'd want a dozen examples of scientific proof to support his claim, before I would believe him. Anyhow, it makes you wonder why Haiti is getting kicked when it has already been down for so long, and well-known as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Many, perhaps the strongest believers and those who just don't want to deal with anything at a deeper level, will say that we need to accept, in our minds and hearts, whether we understand it or not, that whatever God does is, by definition, right. Perhaps that is the best approach of all. Otherwise, to try to make sense of such monumental pain and suffering of innocent people—today I saw them, on TV, loading hundreds of bodies into a dump truck with a front end loader—you could probably drive yourself to the point of making clay bunnies in the loony bin. Right now, I'm not sure where my mind will come to rest on this subject. Just trying to grasp the totality of the suffering is virtually impossible.

It's great that people, as expected, are responding so well to help the Haitians in their direst of need. Even though the conspicuously wealthy limelight seekers want to make sure that the media accurately report their generosity, their money spends the same as if it were given anonymously. The way people pull together in these times of crisis is amazing. Why can't it be that way when times are good? Seems like we could put evil on the endangered species list. Then maybe we wouldn't have to be reminded about how bad things can be, and God could focus on making the bright side of the world even brighter.

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