11 August, 2009

The Real Clunkers

Let's see, although my wife and I own an 11 year old vehicle and a 23 year old vehicle, neither one qualifies under the government's "cash for clunkers" program. They don't qualify because the gas mileage of each one is too high. Cash for clunkers, of course, is the latest proof that the branch of our federal government we call the legislature, collectively, has the intelligence of a of a malnourished Madagascan mud crab.

Why should the government develop a program that rewards people who have been driving gas guzzlers? Well, they shouldn't. Instead, they should be rewarding people who have been driving fuel efficient cars. Get it? It's called rewarding achievement, not failure.

I guess we are to view the money we have saved by driving fuel efficient cars as reward enough. Phooey! It's time to start showing by example just how smart it can be to be smart. Here's another example. Drivers who don't have accidents should not have to pay for car insurance. Not merely lower rates, but zero... no charge. What a great incentive that would be for people to drive safely and responsibly.

Cash for clunkers is just plain stupid and will do nothing to reduce our dependence on imported oil. There is nothing to keep people from logging extra miles on their government subsidized brand new car, because... yeah, that's right...it gets better mileage. What we really need is a program to get the clunkers out of congress. Hmm... I think achieving intergalactic space travel will be easier.

~PITTSBURGH starts with PITT!~

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