07 July, 2009

Michael and the bearded lady

Today, there is a memorial service for the highest paid sideshow freak of all time: Michael Jackson. The King of Pop? Give me a break! When was the last time you heard someone walking around humming a Michael Jackson tune? Probably never. Yeah, but just because you don't have any real talent—never fear―you can always get by looking like plastic surgery's best argument for malpractice insurance.

The millions who have come together with their sappy outpourings of sympathy for this man, including the mercenaries who are calculating what they might get for his recordings on E-Bay, at some point in the future will surely feel at least a little bit stupid for engaging in this frivolous charade. Okay, maybe not so stupid for those who do make a killing on E-Bay.

I haven't dug deeply into the case of Michael Jackson, because that would take time, and in the end I don't give a rat's butt anyhow. What I can say is that I do believe he was victimized, to a large extent, by his handlers, a condition that seems all too common in the world of entertainment, including professional athletics. And now I'm sure many of Michael's people will move on to someone else. Word is, the bearded lady has a new dance step.

Last week at the mall I saw a young man with holes in his earlobes the size of a quarter, and that was just the beginning. He was a walking billboard of piercings and tattoos. Let's get mad folks, and expose these idiots for what they are! This is not what we want for our children and grandchildren...is it?

King of Pop? King of NOT, I say.

~PITTSBURGH starts with PITT!~

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