01 December, 2008

Are you a Poppy?

Dee and I were happy to see a delightful movie called Happy-Go-Lucky this past Thanksgiving weekend on our getaway to Hilton Head Island. And yes, score another point for the tiny theater in Coligny Plaza that always comes through with winners, often flicks we didn't even know existed.

Happy-Go-Lucky is about Poppy, an elementary school teacher who goes through life armed with insatiable optimism. Many of the people she encounters can't handle her super-sized positive attitude. Don't we all know some very negative people like that, who think, Dammit, I'm gonna be a sourpuss and you can't stop me! I call them "BitterasIwannabees"...Well, I don't actually, but it certainly fits.

Now that, with age, I've developed the ability to fall asleep faster than you can say, "Rip Van Wrinkles", this Happy-Go-Lucky film had to grab me quickly, before I became...Happy-Go-Sleepy. Well actually, I did start drifting off early, feeling somewhat put out by having to wade through the Cockney-style accents of the characters involved. But as it turned out, sleep or boredom never became an issue at all. Poppy's driving lessons alone grew to be worth far more than the price of admission. You couldn't help but look forward to the next lesson with her driving instructor, Scott.

See this flick. Laugh, feel good ... and let the sourpusses bask in the glow of their own self-inflicted misery. You have better things to do with your life.

~PITTSBURGH starts with PITT!~

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