18 May, 2008

Hey, coupon this!

Just picked up the Sunday newspaper... a buck and a half for page after page of ads, with a light dusting of news here and there, if you can find it. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating........or am I? My dad worked for a newspaper, and he said they could have afforded to give the papers away, and that was back when there was still news in a newspaper...lots of it. Now it's easier to find flavor at a fast food restaurant than real news in a newspaper.

On the front page of our paper, above the fold, it states that there are $456 worth of coupons in today's paper. Nice. Now they are trying to justify ripping us off a buck and a half for the paper by telling us how much we can save with coupons. Where's my buck-and-a-half- off coupon for the damn paper?????? That's what I want to know!!!!! Besides, to actually save that $456 you are going to have to spend thousands on crap you shouldn't be buying in the first place. Sure, if something isn't selling well enough, create a coupon for it, and enough suckers will bite to make the effort worthwhile.

What actually makes it worthwhile to buy the paper is the fact that Dee enjoys reading it, and perusing all those ads. But even her attitude has changed somewhat, and now she is perfectly satisfied with getting only the Sunday paper instead of a paper Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, like we did for awhile...or everyday, like we did years ago. Not buying a newspaper six days a week...now that's a real way to save $456. Rock on.


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