17 April, 2008

Thank you, Russia

Since arriving in Russia last summer, we have truly enjoyed the experience of a lifetime. We were hoping to have a pleasant enough stay so that, at the very least, we would look forward to possibly coming back someday. We didn't realize we would fall in love with the place.

And quite a big place it is indeed, but then there is something that is even bigger than the country itself. Truth is, if I had to list my top ten reasons for being here, I'd simply need to write down "The Russian people" ten times, and I'd be finished. What? Aren't the people of Russia as cold as the arctic-style winters they endure? Do me a favor, just forget all that cold war-style propaganda.

I remember having a conversation with one of my Russian students, who described another Russian woman in my class as "having a good heart." To me, that says it all. I just hope I have learned a little something here, so that I can take, if not a good heart, at least a better heart back to America. Then maybe I will listen more to what others are saying and not be so concerned about what I have to say. Maybe I can actually be the kind of friend I thought I've been. Hey, but I can still be sarcastic, right? We all need oxygen!

So long Russia, and thank you. We are part Russian now...and proud to be.

~PITTSBURGH starts with PITT!~

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