12 October, 2007

Moving on!

What you see above is the name of the town where Dee and I are moving to on Tuesday. I posted an image of the name instead of writing it in Cyrillic in case your browser isn't set up for Cyrillic. (The name is pronounced "Zhelesnodoroznee" with the stess on the "roz" syllable.). The name, by the way, means railroad or railway.

We'll only be about 15 miles from Moscow and will be coming to the big city--14
million and growing--at least on the third Saturday of every month for meetings. We're looking forward to being in the smaller town environment for a change of pace, although we've really enjoyed the past five weeks in Moscow. We'll post pics in a week or so after we get settled in over there. We'll be teaching at a school about a five minute walk from our flat.

There were a few snowflakes today, right on schedule. Supposedly, it always snows here by October 12th, which just happens to be Columbus Day back home.

~PITTSBURGH starts with PITT!~

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