06 October, 2007

American Couple Survives Hell Month

We did it! We survived hell month--a year of training to teach English crammed into four weeks--here in Moscow. And we passed the course! What a blast it was to celebrate last night with our classmates and our final group of students at a bar just off Tverskaya Street.

And today, Dee and I were treated to a great day in Moscow by John, a friend of our Robert, who has made frequent business trips here for about 15 years. He showed us a lot of interesting things about Moscow, and we drank and ate well. His job is to oversee the operation of a lot of restaurants, here in Russia and other parts of Europe.

Now we will put in our apps and see if we can line up some teaching jobs. We've already accomplished two of our goals: coming to this fascinating city, and earning our certificates to teach English. We've also met a whole bunch of terrific people. Our class was made up of 5 Americans, 2 Brits, 4 Russians, and a Peruvian. All of the 48 students we taught were Russian. The only asshole out of all of these people was unfortunately an American, but there were times when he was almost bearable. Our tutors were a Brit and a Russian. Pretty wild being taught how to teach your native language by two people whose native language is different. Yeah, even the Brit's is different. As I like to say, for people who invented the language the English don't know it very well!

I'd write some Russian here, but I don't like language transliterated into English--excuse the Tverskaya Street--and not everybody has their browser set to read Cyrillic.

Think good thoughts...do good deeds. Maybe with the next blog I'll have some pictures. Finally, we have time to take some.

~PITTSBURGH starts with PITT!~

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