27 July, 2007

Freeze Frame

The satellite TV system here at the Knob is really something. We went from having virtually no watchable channels to a couple dozen, to now where at least four are frozen on one picture. Yes, that's right. One for example, which should be broadcasting the NBC affiliate from Johnstown, has been showing the same frame of Robert Vaughan (I'm pretty sure that's who it is) in a Marcus and Mack commercial for two weeks now. So we're back to using our rabbit ears antenna, which we've hung from the sprinkler in the ceiling of our living room, just so we can pick up local broadcasts. Always something, eh?

Funniest thing was when the maintenance man who was checking the wiring for the TV system, said he found a cable booster box, in the crawl space under our unit, that was still in the box it came in! Hey, when it's quittin' time you go home, right? Reminds me of my trucking days, when an occasional union dock worker would stop when the signal for break time sounded, even if they only had one more pallet to take off a 53 foot trailer. Fortunately not all of them were jerks, so many would do the right thing and take the extra 30 seconds to finish the job, enabling the driver to get back on the road, where he makes his money.

~PITTSBURGH starts with PITT!~

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