31 May, 2007

Back at Blue Knob

Great to be back at Blue Knob. Nice having visitors right away too...Bob and Karen.

Didn't need our cat, Elmer Knievel, to run away though. Found him trapped inside a utility room apparently left open by one of the maintenance people. Spent a lot of time looking for him...guess he didn't think the drive up here from South Carolina was tiresome enough.

A Muslim group stayed at the complex this weekend. Nice folks. And they didn't steal our cat as one person wanted us to believe. In fact, they were quite helpful in looking for him.

The pools are closed for maintenance, the tennis courts are being repaired. If they truly want this too be an all seasons resort then here's a message...Get it done!!!! But then we're here mainly for relaxation, privacy, and gobs of delicious cool mountain air. That part is working great.

~PITTSBURGH starts with PITT!~

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